Vert’s reduced rate compressor hire scheme offer is first taken up by Stirling fish vaccination business Aqualife

Vert Technologies, the Edinburgh-based advanced compressor manufacturer which at the onset of the Covid-19 lockdown introduced a free compressor loan scheme to hard pressed businesses, has launched a new reduced-rate hire scheme initiative to support businesses looking to kick-start their activities but unwilling to invest in new kit.


And already, Stirling-based fish vaccination business, Aqualife Services Ltd, has taken up Vert’s new offer to help it with new product development without the need to invest in new equipment at an uncertain time.


Aqualife is the world’s largest fish vaccine delivery company and since 1996 has been leading and pioneering farmed fish health and welfare. From its bases in Scotland and Norway, it works with aquaculture clients across the world to set industry benchmarks for quality, safety, and hygiene.


Aqualife Fish Vaccination Conveyor
Aqualife Fish Vaccination Conveyor

Its teams have vaccinated more than 800 million fish to date, that is, over £10 billion of fish kept healthy and disease free. It offers, too, a range of training courses and a variety of fish care and handling services.


Kristian Clezy, Aqualife’s Head of Engineering, said: “We needed a source of compact, quiet, low- vibration air to reduce stress on fish during the vaccination procedure and to help create a pleasant working environment for the operators of our new semi-automatic fish vaccination solution.


“We first saw the A150 compressor in action at Vert’s Stirling University Innovation Park roadshow event in February and were impressed by the low noise and vibration of the compressor, as well as its ability to run continuously with a 100% duty cycle.  


“Vert’s loan offer has allowed us to continue to focus on new product development which otherwise may have slowed as we come out of lockdown, so we are grateful for its commercial support through these tricky times”.


Vert CEO, Phil Harris, said: “We are in the happy position of having the capacity to hire out a small number of compressors to SMEs which, like Aqualife, need to kick-start their businesses without having to incur fresh capital expenditure.


“’We are happy to support other SMEs with our compressors over the next few months to help keep their business working. We are flexible and open to discussions as to how we can play our part”.


The Vert CRC technology has won multiple awards since the first working prototype was produced and has been described as the biggest advance in the compressor industry in 40 years. The company now collaborates with global OEMs to integrate its unique technology into new applications in sectors such as refrigeration, heat pumps, cooling and expanders. 


The core CRC technology is also integrated into a Vert branded compressor range which offers a portable, low noise & vibration, 100% duty source of compressed air which is ideal for hand held tools, fibre optic cable blowing and decentralised air provision.  Vert employs 14 people at its Manufacturing and Design centre on the southern edge of Edinburgh.


If you are interested in finding about more about the Vert compressor range or would like to arrange a demonstration please contact us at and a member of the team will be in touch.