Cutting-Edge Technology from Vert Takes London by Storm

The new A150 from Vert has been launched to widespread acclaim at a leading international gathering of experts from the compressor industry.

Based on Vert’s patented Conical Rotary Compressor (CRC) technology, the A150 compressor impressed the crowds at last week’s 11th International Conference on Compressors & their Systems. Held at City University of London, the gathering is a focal point for all of those involved in the gas, refrigeration and air sectors.

The A150 was on public display for the first time at this year’s event, where Vert was exhibiting as a Silver Sponsor. Speaking on the final day of the gathering, Vert’s head of research and development, Geoff Kermode, explained the unique results the Edinburgh-based company has achieved with its CRC technology.

“The A150 has been designed specifically for operation in areas where low noise and minimal vibration are a distinct advantage,” Geoff said. “It offers 150lpm flow and 10 bar pressure with an optional variable speed drive, and its low levels of noise ensure there is minimal impact on surrounding people and equipment.”

The cutting-edge unit’s unique combination of benefits also includes a 100% duty cycle for maximum productivity, meaning that it can run continuously. Connecting to a standard 240V power source with quick coupling of the compressed air connection means it does not require the expensive installation of some other rival compressors.

“Not only is it simple to install, but we’ve also ensured that it is easy to operate, with an intuitive control panel at the front of the compressor,” Geoff added. “The simple, modern design features wheels and a comfortable handle, making it easy to move and re-position the A150 to any location where compressed air is required.”

The biennial International Conference on Compressors & their Systems is a gathering of research organisations, developers, manufacturers, equipment suppliers and users of compressors, expanders, pumps and their systems. It provides a forum for discussion on developments, challenges and opportunities in the sector.

Professor Ahmed Kovacevic, Centre for Compressor Technology at City, University of London, the Chair of the organising committee for the conference said: “It was great to see the progress Vert are making in bringing the new CRC technology to market. Their live demonstration at the 11th International Conference on Compressors & their Systems at City, University of London last week of the new A150 compressor was very impressive and showed the benefits of the new CRC.60 air end with low noise and minimal vibration in a portable package.”

Professor Ooi Kim Tiow, Chair of the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore was among those who were the first to see the CRC technology operating in the new A150 last week. He said it was one of the most innovative pieces of equipment to come to the market in years. “I am fascinated by the new Vert compressor technology. After so many years of compressor research, it is very exciting to see this new innovative compressor.”

Vert was founded in 2013 to develop its conical rotary compressor technology, which has been hailed as the biggest innovation in the compressed air industry of the last 40 years. The CRC technology has won multiple awards since the first working prototype was produced in 2014, and led to Vert securing a prestigious government grant earlier this year from the UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

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