Vert shortlisted for The Manufacturer MX Award

9 August 2018 – Vert Rotors, a UK innovative manufacturer of new-generation air compressors, was shortlisted by The Manufacturer for the prestigious MX Awards 2018 in the “Leadership and Strategy” category.

The Manufacturer MX Awards marks the best of UK manufacturing. Companies including Accolade Wines, BMW and Jaguar Land Rover are among those that have been shortlisted across 10 categories, with one of them going on to be judged to be the highly coveted ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ 2018.

Vert Rotors manufactures innovative micro-screw compressors of ultra-low noise & vibration, which produce extraordinary pressure of 20 bar (300 psi) in a single stage, as well as standard 7 bar (100 psi) pressure. The company supplies its micro-screw compressors to laboratories and precision metrology facilities, for air bearings in CMM machines. Vert introduced a its original new design of positive displacement compressor, for the first time in the last 45 years since the scroll compressor in 1973. high-pressure

Vert Rotors is honoured to be included in the shortlist by The Manufacturer. This achievement is a result of years of hard work developing the technology. The products are fully manufactured by Vert in Britain, without any outsourcing, which ensures the highest standard of quality and tight control of the intellectual property.

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