VERT.8 chosen for Innovations Gallery at Advanced Engineering 2017

Vert Rotors was among a few engineering companies selected for the Innovations Gallery at Advanced Engineering 2017, the UK largest and most advanced engineering and industrial trade show.

Advanced Engineering 2017 is the UK largest gathering of engineering professionals, where advanced companies showcase their best innovations. This year the show was held on 1-2 November 2017 at N.E.C. in Birmingham, England.

VERT.8, the first desktop ultra-powerful and low-noise air compressors, was chosen to be included into the Innovations Gallery. Vert Rotors was the only Scottish manufacturing company in 2017 to receive this recognition.

Vert Rotors not only advertised new prodcuts, but also run a live demonstrations every 10 minutes for fellow engnineers and potential customers, to show the compressor quickly building 20 bar(g) pressire in a 1L pressure vessel, at very low noise.

Vert Rotors at Advanced Engineering 2017

Nicol Low, Head of Production at Vert Rotors, demonstrating VERT.8 at Advanced Engineering 2017