Plug & play pressure
Up to 20 bar in a single stage
Patented technology
22:1 pressure ratio
Award Winning
Made in Scotland Award 2018
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Career in Innovation

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Vert’s mission is to accelerate innovation in the world’s industries, by making 2-3x more power available from compressed air, and to make work safer and more comfortable. The key to achieving this goal is new-generation compressors, which we design and manufacture at Vert Rotors.

We always have job for the most talented and enthusiastic engineers, technical sales and marketing professionals. At Vert, we challenge the status-quo and create new products that exceed the industry standard by 200%. We are challengers and innovators. Our key values are: honesty and integrity, hands-on engineering, passion for precision. If you feel you are that kind of person and want to join our team, send us your CV.

To apply send your CV to [email protected]