Plug & play pressure
Up to 20 bar in a single stage
Patented technology
22:1 pressure ratio
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Made in Scotland Award 2018
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Made in Edinburgh

Ultra-precision manufacturing

At our Compressor Design Centre and Ultra-precision factory in Edinburgh, we develop, test and manufacture our unique Conical Rotary Compressor technology and range of compressors.

The key to the success of our technology is ultra-precision manufacturing at geometrical tolerances of up to +/-5 microns. This is achieved with 5-axis CNC milling machines with linear drives and thermal compensation, and high-end CAM software. But the true secret is the expertise of our team.


Visualisation of precision

CMM Reports

Vert has a temperature controlled metrology laboratory. We use a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Aberlink Axiom Too, with Renishaw probe head.

CMM measurements show highest accuracy down to a few microns achieved even with complex helical profiles, such as Inner screws (click to see example reports).

Our capability

5-axis milling and turning

Vert operate two 5-axis CNC mills:

  • The DMG-Mori HSC-20 mill with linear drives, thermal compensation and high-speed spindle at 40,000 rpm is used for ultra-precision operations down to +/-5 microns.
  • The Hurco VMX30 mill in 5-axis configuration is used for housing parts.

The DMG-Mori CLX-350 turning centre is used to produce high-quality turned parts, which is an essential part of the manufacturing process.

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