Bringing more talent into Vert – A Q&A with our summer interns

As a dynamic technology business seeking to disrupt the global market in compressors, Vert is a highly attractive business to interns wishing to make their mark. Here, two interns, Peter Hicks and Grace Johnson, share their thoughts, aims and ambitions with our marketing team.


Peter Hicks, Engineering Intern.


PeterPeter, why did you join Vert, what attracted you?

I first heard about Vert through an advertisement for the intern position through the University of Edinburgh. Upon researching the company I was intrigued by Vert being a disruptive and innovative company and one that would be able to teach me lots about being an engineer. With Vert being a relatively small company I knew I would be exposed to a huge variety of aspects of engineering and challenged with unique engineering problems.

What projects did you get involved in?

A great part of my summer with Vert is the variation of projects I was able to get involved with. My initial big project was working to assemble and test A100 air compressors for our work with the UK Government, Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Department. I was also able to work on a European Space Agency project and finally able to assist with the development and assembly of the A150 air compressor towards the end of the summer.

How will it help you in the future/what did you learn?

I feel that at Vert I was able to learn everything that you can’t teach at Uni. I had lots of time working with my hands assembling, and disassembling compressors and troubleshooting issues with the compressors. I was also given time to learn about using CNC machines, given lots of time working with quality assurance and just generally see how to effectively bring an engineered product to market.

What are you going onto next?

I am starting my fourth year of mechanical engineering at the University of Edinburgh in September and I will be looking for my next opportunity in the field of engineering once I have my MEng in Mechanical Engineering.

Top tip for future interns?

Be prepared for anything! Things move really fast at Vert, each day presents a unique challenge and as an intern there you get the opportunity to try anything and everything.


Grace Johnson, Engineering Intern.

GraceGrace, why did you join Vert, what attracted you?

I saw the placement advertised via the university and I was interested in working for an innovative company developing new technology. I was attracted to the size of the company; working for a small company often means the tasks and projects you are allocated are important and the work you do has an impact on the company.

What projects did you get involved in?

The projects I worked on included:

  • The reorganising/re-furbishing of the R&D facility.
  • The design and assembly of test rigs
  • I was responsible for a cyclic endurance test of a CRC 40, where I monitored and recorded the performance and condition of the system daily and analysed the data.
  • I completed a bench marking report which compared the specific power consumption and noise emission of a Vert compressor with competitor products.

How will it help you in the future/what did you learn?

The internship gave me an insight into test engineering, including test design, setup and analysis, as well as in-depth understanding of the novel Vert compressor technology. I now feel confident and have a better understanding of high pressure pneumatic and hydraulic systems. I found my role to have a good balance between desk work and practical engineering, and working alongside innovative and highly experienced engineers everyday was invaluable.

What are you going onto next?

I have just started my 4th year studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. I am undecided on an exact career path but the internship at Vert has made me consider a career as either a Mechanical Design engineer or a Research and Development engineer.

Top tip for future interns?

Tips for applying to Vert:

  • Make sure you get involved in university projects and societies so that you have some good experience to make your application strong.
  • Be enthusiastic and show a real interest in the technology at your interview. Do your research and revise engineering principles before the interview to make sure you are prepared for any technical questions.

Tips while working at Vert:

  • Get stuck into any task allocated to you and don’t be afraid to ask for help. I found the production and assembly team to be especially helpful if I was unsure how to use some of the tools and machines


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