Silent air compressor is the centre of attention at DVD 2018

The Nautilus A100, the silent air compressor, was the centre of attention at DVD 2018.

Vert was proud to be invited by UK Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) to showcase its innovative air compressor at their stand at DVD 2018 – a landmark event of the year which presents the best technologies used in UK land forces.

Our team ran a live presentation: we connected an air impact wrench to the Nautilus A100, which we were using to screw and unscrew the bolts from a wheel, to show how the compressor will behave in a real-life environment.

Olly and Jim with silent compressor the Nautilus A100
Olly and Jim with the silent compressor the Nautilus A100

We made a lot of noise – but it all was coming from the impact wrench, while the compressor generated pressure so quietly. It was a fantastic display – everyone was really impressed with the silent operation.  We could see that the Nautilus A100 set a completely new level, proving that an air compressor:

(a) does not have to be noisy, and in fact can be really silent

(b) generates a lot of air pressure instantly, at 100% duty cycle

Silent compressor the Nautilus A100 from DVD2018
Silent compressor the Nautilus A100 from DVD 2018

Other silent compressors on the market typically have sound insulation, which makes them overheat and limits their duty cycle to 50%, such as 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off. The Nautilus A100 is a totally new type of air compressor for high-performance applications, which provided silent pressure without compromises.