VERT ROTORS® selected to receive prestigious Government grant

VERT Rotors UK Ltd is delighted to confirm it has been selected to receive a funding award of £410,000 (£910,000 total project cost) from the UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to test the industrial energy saving potential of its products.

The Energy Entrepreneurs Fund 7 (EEF) is a competitive funding scheme that seeks the best ideas from both the public and private sector to support the development and demonstration of state-of-the-art technologies, in order to drive energy efficiency, power generation and storage.

The award will fund a VERT study that quantifies the energy reduction benefits of low noise, decentralised air provision in a manufacturing environment. With 80% of UK industry using compressed air, significant opportunity exists to drive energy efficiency in this area.

“VERT is delighted to be awarded funding from the BEIS Energy Entrepreneurs Scheme, which will enable us to prove the energy saving benefits of decentralised compressed air provision within a manufacturing environment” said Phil Harris, CEO, VERT Rotors. “As an ambitious and driven young company, we are keen to demonstrate the value of point-of-use air provision as a way to drive down air leakage in large scale centralised air systems. This, we believe, will have a significant positive impact on energy usage and costs for businesses. The team have been busy preparing the VERT A100 compressors which will shortly be going out to customer premises for the start of the project.”

VERT Rotors holds patents for its unique Conical Rotary Compressor technology which is capable of producing high pressures at variable speeds. The company’s first product, the A100, which features this innovative technology is already out in the market and a second product with impressive low noise characteristics and a flow rate of 150lpm is due to be launched in Autumn this year. The compressors will initially be aimed at the fibre optic cable blowing market where low noise, portability and 100% duty cycle is a distinct advantage.

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