Plug & play pressure
Up to 20 bar in a single stage
Patented technology
22:1 pressure ratio
Award Winning
Made in Scotland Award 2018
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Plug & Play 300 psi air compressor

Nautilus X16

The first portable, low-noise, plug & play 300 psi air compressor

We are proud to present Nautilus, the first plug & play 300 psi air compressor (20 bar air compressor). We designed the Nautilus as a 21st century alternative to traditional, noisy and clunky piston compressors, which have not changed for 100 years.

The Nautilus will bring several benefits: first of all, it is a plug & play air compressor, with wheels and a handle. You can wheel it around your facility and connect 300 psi pressure where and when it is needed. The Nautilus uses 240V AC power as standard (no need for 3-phase power), or we are happy to add 110V power supply by request.

Secondly, the Nautilus produces 300 psi air pressure at a very low noise, around 65dB(A). This makes the Nautilus a safe machine, which can be reduce the health & safety risk of damaging someone’s hearing. In contrast, 300 psi piston compressors generate a lot of noise, typically 100dB(A) or even higher – such noise is against the Health & Safety laws in the EU and some other countries. We think the Nautilus will make your company a quieter, safer and generally a better place to work.

Thirdly, the Nautilus can save money, because you can deploy it very quickly and maintain your critical business process. If you used a traditional big compressor, you would need to build an airline, and invite consultants to certify it for safety – which could take a lot of time. With the Nautilus, you can be up and running in minutes, and focus on your business rather than building more airlines.

In summary, the Nautilus is a modern, 21st century micro rotary screw compressor. It works with low noise and vibration, and produces very high pressure in a single stage. We think the Nautilus looks and works more like a printer or a PC, rather than a traditional noisy compressor.

The Nautilus compresses to 300 psi with high efficiency. For this, we inject synthetic compressor oil. The oil travels in a closed loop inside the compressor. To filter small particles of oil, we use a high-efficiency filtration system with three filters: 40μm (micro-metres), 5μm, and finally a 0.3μm fine mist separator, which removes 99.9% particles and achieves Class 3 air quality.

You do not have to use 300 psi (or 20 bar) pressure if you do not need to. We can provide a manual pressure regulator for 0..175 psi, and you can set the pressure you need.

  • 300 psi air compressor (20 bar air compressor)
  • Plug & Play, quick installation
  • No expensive airlines
  • Low noise: good for your staff
  • 110/240 Volt power
Use Cases
  • Air compressor for CMM
  • R&D Laboratory Air
Continuous working pressure 300 psi(g) / 21 bar(g)
Time at working pressure Unlimited
Gas Air
Air delivery @ working pressure 16 l/min
System power @ working pressure 1.14 hp / 850W
System weight 34 kg
Dimensions* (W x D x H) 550 x 320 x 320mm
Power 110V / 240V AC
Cooling Oil-injected
Port 1/4″ quick release coupling and plug

Portable Pressure

Compressed air made easy
  • Easy to move: like rolling luggage
  • No expensive airlines
  • Up to 300 psi anywhere you want
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