Premiere: super-compressor on show at NDI National Conference 2017

Vert will show its new super-compressor for the first time, at NDI National Conference 22-23 November, 2017

Vert Rotors, the Scottish innovative compressor manufacturer has announced the first low-vibration/low-noise “super-compressor”, which is 200% more powerful and 89% lighter than others on the market. The super-copmpressor is designed to improve satellite propulsion as well as enable a range of terrestrial applications, which were not possible before.

The two-day NDI National Conference in Alderley, United Kingdom, brings together the ‘who’s who’ of the defence, aerospace, security and space sectors.

Vert Rotors -Vert.8

Meet Vert at NDI National Conference 2017

When: 22 – 23 November 2017
Where: Alderley Park, Alderley, SK10 4TG

The innovative conical screw developed by Vert solves the problem of noise and vibration associated with compressing air, which is a result of the biggest design innovation in the compressors industry in the last 30 years. Vert Rotors was recognised as one of Top-100 in UK manufacturing, won the Inventor of the Year 2017 Award in Scotland, and BVCA Management Team of the Year Award in Scotland. The Company fully manufactures conical compressors at its precision-manufacturing factory in Edinburgh, and supplies to Fortune-500 innovation leaders in the UK, the USA and the EU.