Plug & play pressure
Up to 20 bar in a single stage
Patented technology
22:1 pressure ratio
Award Winning
Made in Scotland Award 2018
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Nicol Low

Head of Production


Nicol has MSc degree in Motorsport Engineering and Management from Cranfield University, and BEng in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Edinburgh. 

Nicol manages production of conical compressors at the in-house 5-axis CNC milling and CNC turning facility. He develops CAM g-code in HyperMill CAM Package and designs manufacturing methods. Nicol’s team operates to the highest manufacturing standards and produces the most complex, helical parts at geometrical tolerance of 4-5 microns.

Nicol deals with suppliers of CNC machine tools, cutting tools, and materials, and sources all components required for production. Nicol Low is actively involved in designing and developing new models of conical compressors for automotive and other applications.

Prior to joining Vert, Nicol had 12 years of experience as mechanical engineer at SunAmp, Lab 901 and other companies.

Key facts

  • MSc Motorsports Engineering and Management
  • Developing manufacturing methods, CAD-CAM
  • Developing 5-axis milling & turning manufacturing processes
  • Managing the Production team