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Engineering pioneer Vert has embarked on the second stage of a cutting-edge research project with the European Space Agency (ESA) following successful completion of the initial phase of testing. Under a programme of and funded by the ESA, the patented Conical Rotary Compressor (CRC) technology from Vert is being put through its paces as a pump for rocket propellant. The aim of the programme is to reduce weight and improve...
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When a Good Bargain Isn’t Always a Wise Investment On the face of it, buying an air compressor seems fairly simple – just match the pressure and flow requirements and bingo, you’ll find the right compressor. But air compressors are purchased for different reasons by a wide range of individuals and organisations. Having identified the unit that appears to meet your needs for the least possible cost, you might expect...
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Compressed air is what makes our world go around here at Vert, but that in itself doesn’t make us unique. UK industry uses 10TWh of electricity annually to compress air, equivalent to the yearly output of almost 1.5 major power stations. The original air compressor was the human lung, which obviously remains in wide use today. But healthy lungs can only produce 0.02 to 0.08 bar of air pressure –...
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Even those who have never shared their workspace with fellow employees are familiar with the hot desking model of office organisation. Borrowed from the naval practice of “hot racking” – where sailors on different shifts share the same bunks – it came to ascendency in the office during the 1980s, offering cost reductions through space savings. Certain advances in technology were required to pave the way for the rise of...
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Chris Bruce, an assembly engineer with Vert has completed the last of eight gruelling physical challenges to raise money to mark the 10-year anniversary of a life-changing health diagnosis. Chris completed the six-mile Tiger Escapade at Lochmore Meadows in Fife on Sunday October 6th, overcoming more than 25 racecourse obstacles despite having a broken wrist. Although injured, he decided to push ahead because the event marked the finale of eight...
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