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Vert welcomes Tim Haviland to the Board of Directors

  Vert Technologies’ Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Tim Havilland has joined the Vert Board as Investor Director for Aero-Den.    Tim brings a wealth of experience in the air and gas compression sector and will work closely with the Vert team to drive integration of our high pressure Conical Rotary Compressor technology across the refrigeration, […]

Vert Tackles Final Frontier with New Pump Propulsion System for Lunar Spacecraft

Vert is looking to the stars after a request from the European Space Agency (ESA) to adapt its innovative conical rotary compressor technology (CRC) for use on future lunar landing craft.

Alan Duncan appointed new Vert CEO

Vert  welcomes the appointment of new CEO Alan Duncan, taking over from Dr Phil Harris.

Vert Technologies raises £1.9million to expand presence in Refrigeration and Heat Pump markets

UK based compression pioneer Vert Technologies (Vert) has received £1.9 million investment to expand the presence of its unique Conical Rotary Compressor (CRC) technology in the Refrigeration and Heat Pump sectors.

Vert welcomes Yang Lu to the team

Yang has joined the Engineering department as a Simulation and Mathematical Modelling Engineer and will be responsible for creating and optimising unique rotor geometries for specific operating requirements.

Vert awarded ‘Scottish Product of the Year’ at 2021 WeDO Scotland awards

This is the first time that the company has entered the prestigious competition and the award was given for the unique Vert Conical Rotary Compressor (CRC) technology which tackles some of the key environmental challenges faced by the refrigeration and heat pump sectors.

Vert named finalist for the 2021 RAC Cooling Awards, Refrigeration Innovation of the Year

Vert Technologies has been named a finalist for the 2021 RAC Cooling Industry Awards in the Refrigeration Innovation of the Year category. This is the first time that Vert has entered the prestigious competition and the shortlisted entry is a development of the Conical Rotary Compressor technology specifically for refrigeration which answers some of the long-term environmental challenges faced by the sector.

Bike shops ‘go wild’ for Vert’s low noise compressors

The Scottish bike scene is waking up to the low noise benefits of the Vert Compressor range with a cluster of recent sales to bike shops in and around the Scottish Borders.

Understanding Compressor Specifications

Getting to grips with the basic specifications can help to make the process of selecting a new air compressor a lot less confusing, so here is a handy list of the key specs to focus on.

Should I use an air tank with my compressor?

Air tanks, which are also referred to as receivers, are a way of storing additional compressed air capacity for times of peak air demand. Find out more about when and how to select the right one for your business.

What’s inside – The unique technology at the heart of a Vert Compressor

Ever wondered what powers a Vert compressor? We take a look at the innovative technology inside the Vert compressor range to explain how and why it does what it does.

Crover Technologies uses Vert Compressor to develop world’s first granular drone

Vert Technologies supplies a quiet, 100% duty compressor to Crover Technologies which will be supporting R&D work on their unique, robotic grain-monitoring solution.

Innovation at Vert: The people behind the technology…..Nick Balodimos, Assembly Manager

The people behind the CRC technology: We step into the shoes of Nick Balodimos, Assembly Manager to find out what his typical week involves.

Vert Technologies receives major grant funding for disruptive energy harvesting technology

Vert Technologies has been awarded £60,000 from Innovate UK to fund the development of revolutionary technology to harvest wasted energy from the UK’s natural gas distribution network.

Disruptor Vert Technologies targets further investment

Vert Technologies is targeting further investment to accelerate the development of its technology in new markets, as it moves towards volume production. 

Vert welcomes new Sales Manager Emma Potts to the team

Vert Technologies is delighted to welcome Emma Potts as the new Sales Manager for England.

Innovation at Vert, the people behind the CRC technology: Geoff Kermode, Head of Research & Development

The people behind the technology. Step into the shoes of Geoff Kermode, Head of Research & Development, and find out what his typical day involves.

Cranfield spin out, Loxham Precision, chooses Vert’s A150 low-noise compressor to power its new Aerolox nanopositioning motion systems at forthcoming CIOE exhibition in Shenzen

A high-quality endorsement of Edinburgh-based Vert Technologies’ products has been paid by Cranfield University spin-out business, Loxham Precision, with its request for one of Vert’s advanced, low-noise A150 compressors to power its new Aerolox ultra precision air bearing motion systems at the China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE) in Shenzhen, China from 9-11 September 2020.

Vert’s reduced rate compressor hire scheme offer is first taken up by Stirling fish vaccination business Aqualife

At the onset of the Covid-19 lockdown Vert introduced a free compressor loan scheme to hard pressed businesses. It has now launched a new reduced-rate hire scheme initiative to support businesses looking to kick-start their activities but unwilling to invest in new kit. Stirling-based fish vaccination business, Aqualife Services Ltd, has taken up Vert’s new offer to help with its new product development without the need to invest in new equipment at an uncertain time.

Vert’s A100 compressor helps mountain biking business by reducing workshop noise, keeping customer conversations uninterrupted

Tweed Valley Guides, an independent Borders-based company which specialises in guided mountain bike tours in the region has become the latest business to opt for Vert Technologies’ innovative A100 compressor.

Meet the newest member of the team, Elaine Macqueen

As the newest member of the team, Elaine Macqueen, Design Engineer is playing an important role in new product design at Vert, ensuring that the voice of the customer is the main priority throughout the design process.  We took a few minutes to catch up with her.

How to choose the right air compressor

Choosing the right air compressor for your business can be a daunting prospect: there is so much information out there on what you need to consider. Fortunately, the friendly and knowledgeable team at Vert is around to help. Here is a handy list of what’s what.

Excessive workplace noise is the enemy of concentration

Noise is often regarded as a common occupational hazard in many workplaces. But, aside from the obligations on owners and managers to provide a safe environment for their colleagues, a noisy workplace is a less than optimally efficient one.

Superior portability of Vert’s A100 compressor proves just the job for forestry equipment maintenance business

RJ Hall Engineering, a fabricated metal products business has become the latest company to sing the praises of Vert Technologies’ innovative compressors.

Vert’s free loan of compressor helps hand sanitiser bottler meet air power needs

Young Spirits, a Scottish spirit bottling business which has switched operations to produce much-needed hand sanitisers to fight the Covid-19 outbreak, has benefited from a free loan offer from leading-edge compressor manufacturer, Vert Technologies.

Confidence in Vert’s successes secures a further £720k of funding from investors

Outstanding progress at Vert Technologies, the Edinburgh-based leading-edge compressor manufacturer, has secured it nearly three quarters of a million pounds in new funding
Vert’s chief executive, Dr Phil Harris, said: “This is a highly gratifying vote of confidence from investors with intimate knowledge of the progress we have been making over the past 18 months in bringing innovation to the global compressor market”.

Bottling hall workers at Young Spirits raise a glass to Vert for helping create a quieter workplace

Bottling hall workers at Young Spirits, an Edinburgh based small batch bottling, labelling and distribution company for craft distillers, are toasting the company’s decision to invest in a new low-noise compressor from innovative Scottish business, Vert Technologies, to help create a quieter workplace.

Could we help your business?

An offer of free help from Vert for Scottish SME’s towards the COVID-19 effort……

Whilst our expertise isn’t in virology, we believe we may be able to offer some small and medium sized Scottish businesses a bit of help to get through the next few months whilst cash-flow is under immense pressure.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

During the Covid-19 pandemic the Vert team will endeavour to provide a full service to our customers and respond quickly to any enquiries. 

Scottish Technology Pioneers Likido Choose Vert

This is custom heading element Low-carbon heat pump maker Likido has chosen technology from another innovative Scottish firm, Vert Technologies, to power its new facility in Edinburgh. Founded in Fife in 2017, Likido was set up by a group of engineers who wanted to reduce and reuse the energy that is traditionally squandered from industrial [...]

Vert Powers Impulsa in Race for Top Podium Finish

This is custom heading element A former student of James Gillespie’s in Edinburgh is working with a team of current pupils from the high school in a bid for racing glory. Six pupils are in the final stages of preparation for the Scotland Regional Final of the F1 in Schools challenge being held on February [...]

Vert Technology Takes to the Road with Scobie & Junor

This is custom heading element One of the UK’s largest privately-owned suppliers to the food industry has chosen Vert Technology to power its new demonstration van that is set to go into operation across Europe. Based in East Kilbride, Scobie & Junor has purchased two Vert A100 compressors to run the machines within its Mobile [...]

Vert Technology Joins “Flying Scotsman” Wall of Honour

This is custom heading element Award-winning innovation from Vert Technologies has joined other leading Scottish products in a wall of fame display at the First Minister’s office in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. Vert’s patented Conical Rotary Compressor (CRC) technology is one of just a dozen brands and devices featured under the “Flying Scotsman” banner. [...]

G.Forrest Joinery Chooses the Vert A100 for Quiet, Portable Compressed Air

This is custom heading element Peebles-based joiner Graeme Forrest has become one of the latest professionals to benefit from cutting-edge Scottish engineering from Vert Technologies. Covering all aspects of building projects, G Forrest Joinery relies on an array of tools that must be powered simultaneously. After getting a hands-on demonstration of the Vert A100 compressor, [...]

Vert Blasts into Second Stage of Testing Programme with the European Space Agency

This is custom heading element Engineering pioneer Vert has embarked on the second stage of a cutting-edge research project with the European Space Agency (ESA) following successful completion of the initial phase of testing. Under a programme of and funded by the ESA, the patented Conical Rotary Compressor (CRC) technology from Vert is being put [...]

Compressor Duty Cycles – What you need to know

This is custom heading element When a Good Bargain Isn’t Always a Wise Investment On the face of it, buying an air compressor seems fairly simple - just match the pressure and flow requirements and bingo, you’ll find the right compressor. But air compressors are purchased for different reasons by a wide range of individuals [...]

5.5 Things You Maybe Didn’t Know About Compressed Air

This is custom heading element Compressed air is what makes our world go around here at Vert, but that in itself doesn’t make us unique. UK industry uses 10TWh of electricity annually to compress air, equivalent to the yearly output of almost 1.5 major power stations. The original air compressor was the human lung, which [...]

Portable compressed air – could this be the future of flexible factory working?

This is custom heading element Even those who have never shared their workspace with fellow employees are familiar with the hot desking model of office organisation. Borrowed from the naval practice of “hot racking” – where sailors on different shifts share the same bunks – it came to ascendency in the office during the 1980s, [...]

Vert team member Chris completes impressive charity challenge

This is custom heading element Chris Bruce, an assembly engineer with Vert has completed the last of eight gruelling physical challenges to raise money to mark the 10-year anniversary of a life-changing health diagnosis. Chris completed the six-mile Tiger Escapade at Lochmore Meadows in Fife on Sunday October 6th, overcoming more than 25 racecourse obstacles [...]

Vert Strikes Commercial Success with University of Edinburgh Sale

This is custom heading element Vert has concluded its first major sales contract, marking the technology pioneer’s entry into a new commercially-driven phase of its growth. The Scottish firm’s A100 compressor – based on innovative technology that has been described as the biggest advance in the industry in 40 years – has been deployed at [...]

Bringing more talent into Vert – A Q&A with our summer interns

This is custom heading element As a dynamic technology business seeking to disrupt the global market in compressors, Vert is a highly attractive business to interns wishing to make their mark. Here, two interns, Peter Hicks and Grace Johnson, share their thoughts, aims and ambitions with our marketing team.   Peter Hicks, Engineering Intern.   [...]

Major New Board Appointment Boosts Vert Rotors

This is custom heading element Vert is delighted to announce that award-winning entrepreneur Brian Williamson has joined its Board of Directors. Brian Williamson joins Vert Board of Directors Brian has joined as Investor Director looking after the interests of Equity Gap, the syndicate of Scottish business investors headed by chairman Jock Millican. Equity Gap holds [...]

Vert Rotors Appoints New Chief Executive

This is custom heading element Scottish engineering pioneer Vert Rotors has announced the appointment of a new chief executive as the company enters a commercially-focused phase to bring its patented technology to the market. Phil Harris, New CEO at Vert Rotors Manufacturing veteran Phil Harris has joined Edinburgh-based Vert from Clear Surgical, a medical device [...]

VERT ROTORS® selected to receive prestigious Government grant

This is custom heading element VERT Rotors UK Ltd is delighted to confirm it has been selected to receive a funding award of £410,000 (£910,000 total project cost) from the UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to test the industrial energy saving potential of its products. The Energy Entrepreneurs Fund 7 (EEF) [...]