Meet the newest member of the team, Elaine Macqueen

As the newest member of the team, Elaine Macqueen, Design Engineer is playing an important role in new product design at Vert, ensuring that the voice of the customer is the main priority throughout the design process.  We took a few minutes to catch up with her.

What do you do at Vert?

Most recently I have been involved in the design of a soon to be launched compressor which will provide a high-pressure source of compressed air from a low noise and lightweight package.  This has some brilliant challenges of reducing weight and overall size of the A150 technology whilst maintaining the performance and even pushing the boundaries by increasing the maximum working pressure. One of my main tasks was to design the enclosure of the compressor which had specific customer requirements   – to robustly house and protect all of the internal components for transportation, provide correct working conditions for the compressor, provide ease of use to the end user, portability, reduced weight and of course, the overall aesthetic.

When did you start?

January 2020

What is best thing about working at Vert?

The best thing about working at Vert is the ability to see your work come to fruition in a shorter time frame than at larger companies. The lead time to market is a fantastic opportunity for both customers and the engineers. The skills and knowledge in the team allow designs to be created and tested within a matter of days rather than weeks or months. The ability to manufacture CNC parts on site brings a large benefit (as well as being fascinating to watch).

What are the main advantages of the soon to be launched compressor?

A more lightweight and compact package allows even greater portability than its predecessors. With the ability to be used outside, the compressor is great for use on site, or for occasions when a flexible, portable source of decentralised air is needed. With a higher pressure range, the new compressor will give a larger scope for uses such as cable blowing.

What university did you attend, and what degree do you hold?

Strathclyde University, Product Design Engineering, B.Eng (Hons)

Where have you worked in the past? 

With a background in nitrogen and hydrogen gas generation, chemical dosing equipment and plasma technology, compressed air technology brings a similar challenge with more depth.

Why should people consider engineering as a career?

Engineering allows you to literally put theory into practice, solve problems on a daily basis and even develop solutions that were thought improbable which gives a lot of job satisfaction. It provides enough challenge of a diverse nature so that you are never bored and constantly learning and adapting. Being involved in developing technology allows you to be at the forefront making decisions which can have impact on end user and even the environment. This makes it a socially responsible job of value giving you pride in what you do.

What are the benefits of being an engineer?

Being an engineer provides you with a skill set which is valued and always needed.


If you are interested in finding about more about the Vert compressor range or would like to arrange a demonstration please contact us at and a member of the team will be in touch.