Need more air? Here’s a quick guide to selecting the right compressor.

Time is short.  You need more compressed air to match your requirements.  Here is a quick and handy guide on what you need to know when selecting the right air compressor for your business


  • Air flow requirements – The air flow your tools need is vital to know in order to ensure they will work properly and to maximise your uptime. The flow rates (quoted in litres per minute or cubic feet per minute) can be found in the technical specifications of your equipment along with your…..


  • Pressure requirements – these will be specified in bar or psi. Different tools require different pressure levels. A fibre optic cable blowing machine will need 10-15 bar for effective FTTH installation however a nail gun might only need 8 bar.  It’s always worth checking.


  • Noise levels – often overlooked yet should always be near the top of the list as the novelty of working in close proximity to a noisy air compressor soon wears off. It can also lead to more serious health problems of noise induced hearing loss or higher stress levels and poor concentration over a period of time.  Working alongside a quiet compressor day in day out is much more preferable than a noisy one.


  • Duty cycle – this can be vital to the smooth operation of your business and also the longevity of the compressor. A compressor capable of a 100% duty cycle for continuous running is very different to a compressor which can only run 25% of the time.   Selecting a compressor with the right duty cycle capabilities is important to achieve the expected lifetime of your compressor and to minimise downtime.


  • The air quality required by your equipment and therefore any necessary filtration. This will be determined by the equipment that the compressor is powering and can again be found in the technical specification.


As well as the above points, how the compressor will be used day to day should also be thought through.  Will it be static or will you need it to be portable and therefore capable of plugging into a standard power supply?   Lots to think about!


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