Need an air compressor for blown fibre?


Compressed air is a vital part of the cable blowing or jetting process and with the UK government seeking to rapidly accelerate the roll out of fibre to the home, installation efficiency is more important than ever.  Choosing the right compressor for your fibre blowing job is key, so we’ve pulled together a list of things to look out for when making your selection.


  1. Make sure you have the right size compressor for the flow requirements of your blowing equipment. Using a compressor that is too large not only wastes energy, it also risks damage to the fibre optic cable hardware from too much flow.  Equally an under-sized compressor may not have enough power to push the fibre through the conduit so it is important to check the specifications of your fibre blowing equipment from the outset.


  1. Choose a compressor that is able to maintain the required pressure. If the pressure drops periodically then the flow of the blown fibre may slow or stop, wasting time and effort.  A compressor that can maintain the specified pressure for your blowing equipment will ensure the fibre flow is not inhibited by obstacles. 


  1. Prioritise a variable speed drive compressor. This will quickly react to changes in compressed air flow or pressure requirements during the installation process and will ensure the fibre flow is maintained even when there are obstacles such as bends in the line.


  1. Not all compressors are capable of continuous running without a period of time to cool. By choosing a compressor designed to run at 100% duty or in other words, continuously, not only reduces wear and tear on the compressor but it prevents time being lost waiting for the compressor to cool.  This can have a bit impact on overall installation times so it is one specification worth looking out for!


  1. A compressor that can be manoeuvred around site quickly and easily reduces set up time. Also look out for compressors that are easy to operate so you can be up and running, getting on with the job with minimal fuss.


  1. Lastly, selecting a low noise compressor that won’t disturb residents will also mean that you can work longer into the evening to get the installations done. Not only that, but working alongside a noisy compressor day in day out can really affect concentration levels for the fibre installers, so a quiet compressor allows them to concentrate fully on the task in hand.


Looking for a compressor to install blown fibre to the home? The Vert A200 variable speed compressor offers up to a 35% improvement on blown fibre installation times. With up to 11bar pressure and 200lpm air flow, faster fibre installations are possible.  Get in touch for more information or to arrange a demonstration.