G.Forrest Joinery Chooses the Vert A100 for Quiet, Portable Compressed Air

Peebles-based joiner Graeme Forrest has become one of the latest professionals to benefit from cutting-edge Scottish engineering from Vert Technologies.

Covering all aspects of building projects, G Forrest Joinery relies on an array of tools that must be powered simultaneously. After getting a hands-on demonstration of the Vert A100 compressor, Graeme decided to purchase a unit that was deployed on his latest project.

“The first thing you notice is how quiet it is,” he said. “That’s a major plus as a lot of the work we do is in people’s homes, where excessive noise is a problem.

“It’s also easily portable and quick to install, which gives the flexibility to work anywhere required on site. And even though it’s smaller than most other compressors, its performance is fantastic, even when it’s powering multiple tools at the same time.”

With a 100% duty cycle – meaning there’s no need for the compressor to take a rest before it can start working again – Vert’s A100 has the flexibility to run intermittently on site, or continuously in the company’s workshop.

Vert’s patented Conical Rotary Compressor (CRC) technology lies at the core of its innovative compressors, providing high pressure within a low noise and portable package. The CRC’s innovative design has been described as one of the biggest advances in the compressed air industry in 40 years.

Founded in 2013, Vert employs 14 people at its design centre on the southern edge of Edinburgh. Its technology has won multiple awards since the first working prototype was produced in 2014, and led to the company securing a prestigious government grant earlier this year from the UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

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