Innovation at Vert: The people behind the technology…..Nick Balodimos, Assembly Manager

What do you do at Vert?

As the Assembly manager my main duties are production management, supply chain and quality assurance.  I take the innovative designs from the engineering team and then bring them to life with the rest of the guys in production, making sure that we get a high-quality product at the end of the line, every time.

Nick Balodimos
Nick Balodimos, Assembly Manager at Vert.

How long have you been with the company? 

I’ve been with the company since October 2017, so three years – time flies, especially at Vert!


What does your typical day involve?

One of the best parts about working for Vert is that you get the chance to work in many different areas of the business. As such, no two days are typically the same. One day I might be scheduling production of our Conical Rotary Compressor air ends, in other words our core technology. Then the next day I could be negotiating with suppliers and arranging shipment of units to customers.  In between that I am often to be found in the R&D room, working on the assembly and testing of a novel pump unit intended to be used for space vehicle thrusters. I love the variety of my job day to day and it keeps it interesting.


What has been your favourite moment/thing at Vert?

Looking back at my time at Vert the stand out moments have to be when prototypes are run for the first time. The satisfaction of seeing an idea materialise after months of hard work, is unbelievable.


What inspires you?

I like knowing that what I am working on can have a positive impact on the world.  For example, with a technology such as ours which is being continuously developed there is a huge potential to improve the sustainability of future products in sectors such as refrigeration, heat pumps, expanders and many others – it makes you feel proud to know that you are having a positive impact as a direct result of your day to day work.