How to choose the right air compressor

Choosing the right air compressor for your business can be a daunting prospect: there is so much information out there on what you need to consider. Fortunately, the friendly and knowledgeable team at Vert is around to help. Here is a handy list of what’s what.


Air flow requirements

This is determined by the air flow requirements of the tools the compressor is to power.  Air flow volume can be quoted in a number of different measurements such as litres per minute (lpm), cubic feet per minute (cfm) and metres cubed per minute (m3/m). The correct flow for each machine can be found in the technical specifications document for the equipment.


Often overlooked, but in the interests of a focused, healthy and effective workplace, this should be near the top of the list. The compressor is likely to be located close to workers so you need to ensure that it will operate at a level that will not lead to noise-induced hearing loss or diminished concentration on the work at hand.

Pressure requirements

Measured in bar or psi. Different tools require different pressure levels. A fibre-optic cable blowing machine will need 10-15 bar for effective fibre to the home (FTTH) installation (which Vert’s soon to be launched compressor will be able to achieve by the way!); a spray gun, on the other hand, might only need 4 bar.

Duty cycle

How long will the compressor be used for?  A compressor capable of a 100% duty cycle for continuous running is different to a compressor which can only run 25% of the time before needing a period of rest.   Selecting a compressor with the right duty cycle capabilities is important in fulfilling the anticipated lifetime of your compressor.


Will the compressor need to operate next to equipment which is sensitive to vibration level? This might be, for example, in a laboratory or next to a highly sensitive coordinate measuring machine (CMM), where a low level of vibration is mandatory.

Quality of air and filtration required

This will be determined by the equipment that the compressor is powering.

Power supply

Will the compressor need a three-phase specific power supply, or can it be easily plugged into a standard 240V socket?  This could affect when and where you are able to use your compressor.


Do you need the compressor to be portable and easy to install, or will it stay in one position once set up?   


Clearly, there is lots to think about when choosing a compressor but happily, the team of compressor experts at Vert are always available to help. 

To chat through your air requirements with one of the team or to arrange a demonstration of the Vert compressor range contact