Crover Technologies uses Vert Compressor to develop world’s first granular drone


Based in Edinburgh, Crover Technologies has developed a unique robotic grain monitoring solution which provides a new way to automate grain monitoring activities.  The world’s first granular drone is designed for grain store-keepers and maps the conditions inside the grain bulks to ensure optimal storage conditions are maintained, minimising spoilage from insect infestations and moulds.


Vert Technologies recently supplied a portable, 100% duty compressor to the Crover team for their product development activities where it has been put straight to work at their development facility in Edinburgh.


“The Vert compressor means that we have been able to maintain the momentum of our development work,” said Gianlorenzo De Santis, Operations Executive at Crover.  “As well as giving us the air output we need, a major positive of the compressor is that it is very quiet and so our employees are able to work comfortably nearby.  We are also able to move it around our workshop quickly, and install it easily wherever it is required each day”.


Phil Harris, CEO, Vert said “We are delighted to be able to support Crover, a local SME, with their research activities.  It is great to see such innovative and unique products being developed in Scotland.”


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