Compressed air – time for a new flexible approach?

‘Strange times’ is a phrase that has been on many people’s lips over the last year and companies are having to find new ways to maintain output, not just in terms of homeworking, but also in the many workshops and factories across the country.


Levels of production and demand have been in a state of flux in many sectors throughout 2020 which begs the question could this be the time to be flexible in how companies think about compressed air provision?


A150 Portable Compressor

Whilst some businesses may be seeing a drop in demand and production levels, others may be seeing a dramatic increase in the demand for their products which can have an impact on the compressed air requirements during the production process. Manufacturing organisations are under pressure to tailor their manufacturing output according to the many variables. Compressed air is critical for most industrial processes and a fluctuation in demand, be it up or down requires a fast response in order to maximise production output or minimise costs.


Many companies rely on a static, centralised air compressor supplying compressed air to the entire operation.  However, there is little ‘normal’ about the challenges’ companies’ face today and so could a standby, portable, quiet compressor be the answer to fluctuations in demand?



Here are 5 reasons why it might be time for a new approach:


  • In times of low demand, there is the potential for an energy use saving.  Why power up the whole, costly, centralised air system when compressed air is perhaps only required for one or two machines.  Local, portable, and importantly quiet air compressors could be a temporary solution to keeping production running.  A low noise, compressor placed under a workbench would provide little impact on nearby workers, but could maintain a base level of production without an accompanying large energy bill.


  • Times of low production are ideal for carrying out routine maintenance of equipment and air lines. A localised, portable compressor allows critical processes to be kept up and running whilst routine maintenance is carried out or centralised air lines are checked for leaks.  Just wheel the compact compressor around the factory to the desired location and plug it in to keep critical machines up and running.


  • To get jobs completed efficiently, a company may need to temporarily increase its compressed air capabilities with additional equipment. During times of peak demand, when time is of the essence it may not always be possible to hire a suitable, quiet compressor at short notice, especially during a pandemic – which can lead to downtime and frustration, not to mention the lost revenue. A backup, portable, quiet compressor could be the answer.


  • A source of air on demand gives peace of mind. No problems with availability of compressors from external companies. No delivery times or costs, or unproductive employees. No paperwork or phone calls, just wheel the compressor into position, plug it in and switch it on.


  • A pre-selected, standby compressor is a known quantity and will achieve any air quality or health and safety requirements such as noise that are important to your business and employees, without adding to your workload during times of stress.

Perhaps it is time to look at a source of quiet, compact and portable source of compressed air for your production requirements during these extraordinary times?


These unprecedented times call for a flexible approach. Vert is able to work with you to explore ways to support your business.  Drop us a line or give us a ring and one of our team will be happy to advise you on the right product and purchasing options for your business.

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