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Noise & Compressors

  Noise is often regarded as a occupational hazard in many workplaces.  But aside from the obligations on owners and managers to provide a safe environment for their colleagues, a noisy workplace is a less than optimally efficient one.    The impact of noise on health   In addition to ear damage, non-reversible tinnitus and […]

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Need an air compressor for blown fibre?

  Compressed air is a vital part of the cable blowing or jetting process and with the UK government seeking to rapidly accelerate the roll out of fibre to the home, installation efficiency is more important than ever.  Choosing the right compressor for your fibre blowing job is key, so we’ve pulled together a list […]

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Top 10 Compressor maintenance tips

Regularly maintaining your portable compressor can have a large impact on its expected lifecycle, and this means a better return on investment for you and your business.  Portable compressed air is used for lots of different applications from woodworking to fibre optic installation, power for CMM machines to bottling lines, therefore a well-maintained compressor can […]

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