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About Vert Rotors

Vert is a technology pioneer, continuing to advance one of the biggest innovations in the compressed air industry for over 40 years. The key to achieving this goal is our high pressure, low noise Conical Rotary Compressor technology which is capable of continuous operation.

Timeline of Vert Rotors:

Made in Edinburgh

Ultra-precision manufacturing

At our Compressor Design Centre and High-precision Factory in Edinburgh we develop, test and manufacture compressors that produce 200% higher pressure in a single stage than what people though was possible, and solve the problem of noise and vibration.

Vert manufactures to highest accuracy of CNC milling precision, at geometrical tolerances of up to +/-5 microns. This level of precision is at the top boundary of the CNC milling technology and it is achieved with the UK-first 5-axis CNC milling machine with linear drives and thermal compensation, programmed by high-end CAM software. But the true secret is the expertise and passion of our team.

CMM measurements show highest accuracy down to a few microns achieved even with complex helical profiles, such as Inner screws.

Step-change Innovation

Vert's technology: Conical screw compressor

What is conical screw compressor? It is an evolution of the conventional screw compressor (we call it “screw compressor 2.0”). Vert Rotors developed this new design in 2013. It consists of the Male (Inner) screw revolving inside the Female (Outer) screw. It is different to the traditional twin-screw, where the Male screw and the Female screw are sitting side-by-side in the housing.

A conical compressor does not have clearance between the Male, the Female screws and the Housing, because the Female screw acts like a Housing. This means that the leakage path for the gas is much reduced and even a small (sub-1kW) conical compressor remains highly efficient.

What is so special about it? The conical compressor is highly compact (because one screw sits inside the other), very powerful and efficient. It produces 2-3 times higher pressure in a single stage, at low noise and vibration, than its rivals. A small 0.8kW conical screw is 50% more efficient at 8 barg than an alternative low-vibration scroll compressors of the same capacity.

How small/big is this new compressor? The conical screw compressor can be very small or very large. So far, Vert Rotors built and tested a range of sizes, from a tiny 20W screw compressor, which fits on the palm of a hand, to a large 10kW machine for 75 m3/h. This is a big difference with traditional twin-screw compressors, which cannot be smaller than 2.2kW. Even the smallest conical screw compressors successfully produce high pressure of 16-22 bar in a single stage.

Why does it matter, and how does it compare to the current level of technology? Today, screw compressors occupy 60% of the global market.  The conventional twin-screw compressor was invented and first patented in 1934, and by now they have occupied the biggest share of the market. For over 80 years, the core design of the screw compressor has not changed. The conical screw compressor was first patented in 2014 by Vert Rotors. By today, Vert has demonstrated that the conical screw compressor is more efficient in the industrial size, and in the portable sub-1 kW size. We think the conical design is only at the start of its journey. In the coming years, it is most likely to improve its efficiency even further.

What does Vert Rotors do? Vert has developed a full suite of manufacturing methods to produce this new and wonderful machine. We fully manufacture conical compressors and package them into finished compressor units in-house in Edinburgh, and keep the expertise and know-how. We supply conical screw compressors to customers all over the World. Please see our Products for more details.

Our values

Air compressors are devices that store pneumatic energy for future use. They drive an infinite variety of industrial and domestic applications. At Vert Rotors, we design and develop a new compressor technology, which is more efficient, and achieves 2-3 times higher pressure, or in other words stores 2-3 times more energy in the same volume. Our technology will fundamentally change the industry.

We are challengers and innovators, and we do not take “no” for an answer. Our key values are: honesty and integrity, hands-on engineering, passion for precision.

If you feel you share our passion and values and want to join our team, send your CV to [email protected]


Vert’s base is in the capital of Scotland. Over the course of time, Edinburgh was home to many world’s innovations: electromagnetism by James Clark Maxwell, telephone by Alexander Graham Bell, Higgs Boson by Peter Higgs, to name just a few. Edinburgh is not only a landmark of science and engineering, it is a great place to live: in 2015, uSwitch ranked Edinburgh 1st in the top 10 places to live in the UK in their study of 138 UK regions. In 2017, Edinburgh was named 2nd in the World for quality of life.