A recap of Smart Factory Expo

Smart Factory Expo has now been and gone. Liverpool was home to the annual show and it was a great experience for Vert to be involved in!

Smart Factory Expo is Europe’s biggest Digital Manufacturing Show and the biggest element of Digital Manufacturing Week.

What did we see at Smart Factory Expo?

Digital technologies are impacting every aspect of manufacturing operations – linking together people, processes and products and transforming business outcomes. This ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ plays to the UK’s strengths – with a strong position in advanced manufacturing, and a world class high technology sector. Smart Factory Expo is where this all came together in an exciting combination of ‘show and tell’ – with pitch clinics, exhibition floor presentations, networking events, drop-in advisory clinics, the launch of the North West Pilot of the Government’s Made Smarter Review, and the country’s largest gathering of digital manufacturing exhibitors.

It brought together expertise, ideas and opportunity – the UK’s showcase for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Six distinct Visitor Zones provide visitors with self-contained platforms to engage with world class exhibitors, innovative start-ups and experience-sharing sessions from some of the most exciting names in UK manufacturing. These Visitor Zones combine to create a transformation roadmap for manufacturers to future-proof their operations, and drive better business decisions.
Vert had the opportunity to present two presentations at the show which were well attended and received.

Vert saw strong interest in our innovative Conical Rotary Compressor. People were amazed in our demonstrations as to how quiet the Nautilus A100 was. Richard Noble of The Bloodhound Project stopped by the Vert booth, he was very impressed with our technology and said the following about the show.