5 reasons why using a quiet air compressor could make you more productive

It is no secret that sound can impact your concentration and focus, so could your current noisy air compressor be making you unproductive?  We’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons why using a quiet air compressor could increase your productivity and directly impact the bottom line of your business.


Sound and productivity go hand in hand.  The words ‘sound’ and ‘noise’ are often used interchangeably.  In fact, sound is a sensory perception, and noise is the mental perception of the sound.  Noise can therefore be defined as an unwanted sound and it can cause distraction, fatigue and disrupt concentration, as well as at the more extreme end cause long term health issues.


Here are our top 5 reasons why using a quiet air compressor could make you more productive:


1.  It allows for flexibility in working hours.

A noisy air compressor can impact not just workers in close proximity but also nearby residents if work is being carried out in a building such as a block of flats or in a domestic setting.  Using a quiet compressor can significantly extend the hours in which you are able to work and therefore increase your productivity each day.


2. It can improve your concentration at the task in hand

Background noise can make the completion of tasks that bit more challenging and time consuming. Working alongside equipment that is low noise allows you to concentrate on the task in hand, completing it quicker and efficiently.


3. It can reduce the restrictions on where you can work

Perhaps you have to carry out specific jobs in a workshop rather than onsite in order to minimise the effect of a noisy compressor on others. By using a quiet air compressor you can carry out joinery work for example in a loft conversion with minimal noise impact on any residents below.


4. It is less tiring

Being exposed to background noise for hours on end can be tiring and can cause a stress response in form of increased cortisol levels, which are known to have long term health implications. Not to mention that it also affects motivation levels and morale which directly impacts productivity levels day to day.


5. It can reduce the risk of accidents and associated downtime

The link between high levels of noise and increased risk of accidents is well documented.  Noise from nearby equipment can make it harder for workers to hear and correctly understand speech and signals from colleagues, masking the sound of warning signals or approaching danger such as reversing vehicles.  Accidents at work result in downtime and lower productivity, therefore it pays to invest in lower noise equipment from the start. Not only to reduce the risk of accidents but also to minimise work-related stress issues and the potential risks of noise induced hearing loss.


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